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Passive Income Visa D7

What areas of immigration are in demand in 2020 - 2021 and why?

Portugal passive income visa. Not all potential investors are ready to make financial investments without getting to know the country closely and without gaining experience of living in it. Passive Income Visa D7 is intended for them.

The fundamental difference of this program is that to obtain this visa there is no need to invest in real estate, foundations or local companies. This fact attracts many wealthy individuals who prefer not to part with their money in the process of obtaining a residence permit.

What does the Passive Income Visa D7 program give? The right to freely enter Portugal and other countries of the Schengen area.

To become a visa holder, the main applicant must have:

- rented housing that is at his disposal for a long time (usually for a year or more),
- stable passive annual income from permanent sources at the rate of 12,000 euros per annum for the main applicant, plus 50% for the spouse, plus 30% for each child or availability of a similar amount on the bank account.
- health insurance that covers the risks of medical care during the applicant's residence as a resident.
- issued for a period of 2 years,
- with a subsequent extension for 3 years,
- can be issued for family members, including a spouse and children under the age of 21,
- provides for the possibility of working in Portugal.
The conditions for obtaining permanent residence status and citizenship are similar to the Golden Visa of Portugal.

Currently, Passive Income Visa D7 can be issued despite the pandemic and restrictions related to borders crossing.


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