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Minimization of tax risks


Tax risk


We offer services in terms of reducing the tax risks of individuals and companies registered in the EU and beyond, in particular, including:

  • analysis of activities to identify potential risks in matters of taxation;
  • recommendations on the organization of control of tax risks, taking into account the activities of individuals and companies;
  • recommendations for minimizing tax risks;
  • development of contracts for the main types of clients' activities, including recommendations on minimizing tax risks;
  • building a system of effective use of tax incentives;
  • comprehensive analysis and adaptation of the tax policy of an individual & company in order to minimize risks.

In addition, our specialists are ready to perform:

  • assessment of the reliability of counterparties;
  • assessment of investment risks of an individual and a company;
  • taxpayer protection during tax audits;
  • interaction with tax authorities both in the framework of tax audits and in order to avoid them;
  • tax audit.

For a more detailed discussion of tax issues should contact the specialists of our Moscow office.

The center was created as a result of the interaction of a group of Russian law and consulting firms with law firms in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. The idea of creation is to provide comprehensive support to citizens of various countries interested in deepening international relations, finding partners, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, acquiring business and real estate ...