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Taxes for investors

How to Reduce Taxes for Investors & Crypto Investors.

When business representatives think about how to organise their lives so that they do not have to pay large taxes, then, willingly or unwillingly, they have to consider options related to moving to countries that offer such opportunities. There are five categories of countries (tax systems) in the world that allow you to get the desired result:

- jurisdictions with zero taxes (for example, UAE (Dubai), Monaco, Vanuatu);

- with low taxes (Cyprus, Malta, Montenegro);

- with territorial tax systems (Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore);

- jurisdictions with non domiciled status (Ireland, UK);

- with lump sum taxation (Gibraltar, Italy, Switzerland).

It should be noted that the division into categories is conditional.

Even a quick glance at the list makes it clear that not all jurisdictions are suitable for all occasions ...

Well, the task is further complicated when it comes to crypto business. The attitude towards cryptocurrencies and DLT technologies is extremely ambiguous on the part of the authorities. If Gibraltar, Malta, Switzerland are among the leaders of the industry, this cannot yet be said about the UAE or Italy.

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