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Legal Advice


We advise on legal issues, including inheritance and divorce cases in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, France, and the Czech Republic.

We provide legal advice to citizens and representatives of legal entities on all issues of civil, family, housing, land and other legal relations.

We assist in the preparation of contracts, agreements or other documents of a civil law nature, we conduct a legal examination of documents.

We assist in the preparation of statements of claim and petitions for claims filed with the judiciary.

We assist in the preparation of documents for appealing against illegal and unreasonable court decisions.

The main form of consultation is to answer questions in writing. This option is selected in order to minimize discrepancies in the formulation of the question and the formulation of the answer.

When conducting a written consultation that includes answers to three or more questions, an additional free conversation is possible, during which the consultant explains his position and discusses related issues.

It is possible to conduct remote consultations in Skype, WhatsApp, other instant messengers.

The topics covered during the consultation are usually formulated and agreed upon in advance.

Oral consultation is possible in one of the company’s offices (time is limited and is 1 hour).

If, based on the results of the consultation, a decision is made to conclude a contract for long-term discussion, then the paid cost of the consultation is taken into account when calculating the cost of the contract.

The cost of the consultation is determined in accordance with a temporary rate of 150 euros per hour.

The center was created as a result of the interaction of a group of Russian law and consulting firms with law firms in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. The idea of creation is to provide comprehensive support to citizens of various countries interested in deepening international relations, finding partners, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, acquiring business and real estate ...