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Sverige (business-immigration)



Residence permit for self-employed persons, highly qualified specialists under the EU Blue Card program and their family members:

  • Residence permit for self-employed owners & co-owners of companies registered in Sweden,
  • Residence permit for skilled workers with wages above the threshold,
  • Residence permit for highly qualified specialists under the EU Blue Card program,
  • status of permanent residence after 5 years of continuous residence in the country,
  • the possibility of applying for citizenship after 5 years of continuous residence in the status of permanent residence.


Conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

  • sufficient financial resources,
  • housing in Sweden (long term rental or property),
  • medical insurance,
  • no threat to public order and security.


Residence permit for self-employed persons.


  • experience in the business sphere, doing business in general,
  • language skills - Swedish or English,
  • possession at least 50% of shares in a Swedish company,
  • availability of a business plan and an adequate financial base to ensure the company's budget,
  • formed network of clients or business partners in Sweden,
  • the availability of sufficient funds to support the applicant and his family members for at least the first two years (at the rate of 200 thousand Swedish crowns for the main applicant, 100 thousand crowns for the spouse and 50 thousand for each child).


Residence permit for highly qualified staff.


  • higher education with a term of at least 3 years (equivalent to 180 university credits),
  • employment contract with a local company for a period of at least one year,
  • gross annual salary in the amount of not less than 606 thousand 600 kroons (58 thousand 240 euros),
  • confirmation of receipt of a medical insurance policy in Sweden.

The employer must:

  • place an ad for a vacancy in Sweden, as well as in the EU / EEC and Switzerland for at least ten days,
  • to draw up a job offer and give the interested trade union the opportunity to express their opinion on the conditions of employment of the employee,
  • to provide working conditions that at least correspond to the terms of collective agreements adopted in Sweden or which are common to the profession & industry.

For the first 24 months, the EU Blue Card is valid only for work with the employer and by the profession indicated in the original application. After working for 24 months and extending the card, you can change your employer without submitting a new application, provided that you continue working in the same field of activity.

EU Blue Card for highly qualified specialists are issued for a period of up to 2 years and are extended for the same period.

Family members (spouse and children under the age of 18) receive a residence permit with the right to work for the duration of the residence permit of the main applicant.


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